Service Stations

Cornwall Gateway Services



We have fourteen 6m x 3m static hoarding billboards available at the Cornwall Gateway Services at Victoria on the A30.

The Cornwall Gateway Services is the only service station in Cornwall and has been open since 2014. This location has an expected footfall in 2015 of over 1.6m.

Visit Cornwall research shows that of the 7m tourists that visit Cornwall every year, 70% of them come by car. The Cornwall Gateway Services being 2 hours drive away from Exeter Services offers a perfect stop over for travelers to the county.

Washroom Advertising

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Washroom advertising is one of the most captive advertising models there is. Its a dominant, uninterrupted medium that provides a perfect captive audience.

The A3 posters are positioned in the cubicles on the back of the doors in the ladies and gents, above the urinals in the gents and above the hand dryers.

 6 Sheet Advertising

We have eleven Six Sheet advertising panels on the Cornwall Services site. Two double sided Poster frames in entrance to the main building of the Cornwall Gateway Services. We have two front facing panels and two rear facing panels for when clients exit the building. There is a three sided frame viewable from the roundabout and car park. As you enter the car park there are two double sided frames one on the right hand side and one on the left hand side.

For more information contact Mike Bee on 01872 276261 or via email

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Digital Advertising Screens

We have five 50″ advertising panels at the Cornwall Services site, two portrait screens facing the food court two facing the entrance and a 50″ landscape advertising panel near the entrance to the toilets.

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2015-11-25 08.02.18