Poster Sites

Cornwall Gateway Services, Roche, Cornwall

6 Sheet Poster Frames

Two poster frames prominently positioned at the entrance to Cornwall’s Gateway Services Main building. There is a three sided poster frame positioned near the roundabout and viewable from the car park and roundabout alike. On the drive into the services from the roundabout we have two double sided frames viewable from both directions on each side of the road.

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Washroom A3/A1 Poster

Washroom advertising is one of the most captive advertising models there is. Its a dominant, uninterrupted medium that provides a perfect captive audience.

The A3 posters are positioned in the cubicles on the back of the door, above the urinals in the gents and above the hand dryers.

A1 poster frames are positioned with two posters on the end walls.

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2015-03-28 16.36.33

NCP Car Park – High Cross, Truro, Cornwall

A1 Posters x 10,

Posters located near pay station and exits to shop level.

2015-07-16 08.40.12

Dairyland Farmworld – Newquay

There are two double sided 6 sheet poster locations in the car park visible on the entrance to dairyland.

These are very prominent sites and have a very busy footfall during the season and throughout the winter months with school visits and various clubs.

2015-11-16 12.12.02

2015-11-16 12.19.21

Plymouth Argyle Football Club – 6 Sheet Poster Site

Advertise your business at Plymouth Argyle around the ground on 6 sheet poster frames.

This is a high footfall location on game days and non game days alike. The 6 Sheet Poster frames are situated between the turnstiles and exits on the walls and can be seen around the ground.

2015-11-18 09.11.37

Plymouth Argyle Football Club – A1 Poster Frames

This is a unique opportunity to advertise your business in the tunnel under the stands on A1 Posters.

2015-10-12 11.39.09

Plymouth Argyle Football Club – A4 Washroom Posters

This is a unique opportunity to advertise your business in the gents urinals and the ladies cubicles on A4 poster frames.

This is probably the best captive audience advertising for your money.

2015-10-12 11.42.47