NCP High Cross Car Park in Truro

Reach over 800 people a day, 7 days a week coming into Cornwall’s capital.

This location will be perfect for you to reach your potential customers when they arrive in Truro, and again when they leave.
There will be three 42″ screens positioned inside the car park near to the walk way into the town after they have parked there car which can also be see when they drive past them on the way in on level 5. This means your potential customers cannot miss the temptation of your product or service on their way into the town. A perfect captive audience!
These three screens will also be seen again on their way back to the car as they are positioned next to the ticket machine.
The fourth 40″ screen is then visible from their car next to the exit barrier when they enter their ticket to leave the car park.
This method of advertising in the first of its kind in Cornwall and interest has already been very high in this location.

photo-31Car Park 3

A1 poster frames
We are pleased to announce that we have new A1 sized posters available to advertise your business on one of Truro’s busiest car parks.
The A1 posters are situated in each parking space, by the exits to each level, and on each pillar on levels four and five. Levels four and five are the busiest levels in the car park because they are close to the walk way into the town and are used every day by commuters and tourists.
To book your space now, call Claire on 01872 276261 or email