The Big Deal
One 48 sheet billboard for 12 months (Cornwall Services)
One 6 sheet poster frame 6 months (Cornwall Services)
Full network of screens throughout Cornwall 12 months (Ten Second advert) over 40 screens
27 screens across 9 buses on Truro’s Park & Ride
£10k plus VAT (limited period only) For everything above….
Plus production of the billboard at £795 plus Vat
A total of £6,300k saving….
– – –
Truro Park and Ride Big Offer
Back of the Bus advertising for 12 months.
10 Second Advert on all 27 advertising screens on the park and ride for 12 months
£5000 plus Vat usually £7500 plus vat total saving £2500 plus vat
Free production on bus advertising board.
Full Digital Screen Network and Truro Park and Ride Digital Screens
Digital Network – 42 Advertising screens over 33 locations throughout Cornwall
Truro Park and Ride Screens – 27 screens over 9 buses with 3 screens on each bus.
£2300 plus Vat, Normal cost £3300 plus Vat, Total saving of £1000 Plus Vat.
Cornwall Services Buy one Get one Free Washroom advertising
1 A3 poster in the washroom, either overlooking cubicles or urinals.
£450 per qtr plus Vat. Saving £450 per poster taken
6 sheet posters at Cornwall Services Buy one Get One Free
1 x 6 sheet poster at Cornwall Services
10 second advert on the 5 x 50″ advertising screens at Cornwall Services.
Free Production on first print.
£5000 plus vat for 12 months and £3000 plus vat for 6 months, Saving you up to £6500 plus Vat