Leslie Tremaine – Oscars Cafe, Lemon Street Market, Truro

We have been pleased with the results of the screen in our café, Oscars in Lemon Street Market, There has been a lot of interest in the different business’s that have advertised with us. Also we  have had many new customers and new contacts through having the advert in the back of Truro’s A2B Taxi’s.

Alfred & Laurence from the Housel Bay Hotel & Restaurant.

“Ads-Smart are a pleasure to work with – Ads-Smart is a great advertising concept and we shall continue to use their services”

Nicholas Bonell Pianist – Truro – http://www.pianistincornwall.co.uk Phone 07850 352419

I signed up with Ads-Smart in May and am advertising in two locations in Truro. As a result of this I have already had several enquiries including a firm booking for August, which will in itself pay for the year’s contract. I am particularly impressed with the speed of service. Within a couple of days of signing up the design was drafted and, after a couple of minor tweaks, the ad was up and running soon afterwards. The guys are always responsive and keen to promote my business. All this at a very competitive rate. What more could you ask for?!

Eamonn Beresford, Beresford Photos, Truro

Ads-Smart is a unique way of advertising In Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Barbers, where people are a captive audience.

 The Wig & Pen, Truro

We think Ad-smart is an ingenious way of advertising in the local area. The fact that is reasonably priced was a big draw for a small business like us and Ads-Smart did a great job putting together our Ad, it looks great!

Gary Jackson, Crab and Ale House, Truro

Thanks very much i am very happy with the service i have received with Ads-Smart, and i have picked up some trade as a result, keep up the good work.