Truro Park and Ride operates a cross city service between Langarth Park at Threemilestone and Tregurra Park adjacent to Waitrose. The service is operational 6 days per week (Monday to Saturday), with additional services for events e.g. late night xmas shopping.


The Service route encompasses key destinations on the corridor including Truro College, the Royal Cornwall Hospital, New County Hall/Aldi, Truro City centre (River Street, Quay Street and Victoria Square). Buses operate a regular service for passengers, with a 10 minute frequency during peak hours, and every 15 minutes off-peak between the hours of 7am and 7pm. The service also provides a link directly into Truro Railway Station interchange with all buses stopping on the way into and out of Truro.
  • · Customers – c1,000,000 passenger journey per annum (Tregurra site still continuing to grow)
  • · Paper day tickets sold per month – c20,000 · Smart card transactions on bus – c40,000 per month
  • · Total passengers per month = 40,000 to 45,000
  • · Car park spaces = 1209 at Langarth and 1379 at Tregurra


Truro Park & Ride Digital Screen Advertising

Advertise your business on the buses at Truro Park & Ride. We have 27 screens across 9 buses. Thats 3 screens on every bus. There are 2 rear facing screens and a forward facing screen.  We really do capture everyone on the bus.
To book your space now, call the Sales Team on 01872 276261 or email [email protected]

Back of Bus advertising

Your advert will be printed directly to a dibond aluminium composite board. This is to preserve the quality of your advert and keep your advert looking as good as new throughout the period of your campaign. Your advert will be seen throughout the route on the busiest roads through the heart of Truro. See Route at back of media pack.
DFT statistics for Treliske Roundabout 10.4 Million vehicles travelled on this route in 2016 This is only set to rise in 2018/19
To book your space now, call the Sales Team on 01872 276261 or email [email protected]

Washroom Advertising

Washroom advertising is one of the best way to get a captured audience.
With the following available throughout both sites……….
Langarth Gents – 2 Cubicles
Langarth Gents – 2 urinals
Langarth Ladies – 3 Cubicles
Langarth Disabled – 1 door back
Tregurra Gents – 3 Cubicles
Tregurra Gents – 4 Urinals
Tregurra Ladies – 3 Cubicles
Tregurra Disabled – 1 Door back
To book your space now, call the Sales Team on 01872 276261 or email [email protected]